Hayward's Primary School

About Us

Welcome to Hayward’s Primary School.

Thank you for visiting our website.  We hope you will find it gives you a picture of our positive, happy and inclusive school.

Hayward’s School has served the local community since 1860, when it was first opened in the old buildings next to the present school site. It has always been a part of the history and local community in the rural town of Crediton. The school moved to its present location in 1937, and in 2003 benefited from a wonderful rebuilding programme which resulted in the airy, welcoming and up-to-date accommodation we all now enjoy.




Here at Hayward’s we place a great deal of value on growing and nurturing successful learners, fostering a love of learning and shaping well rounded citizens with a real sense of community.

We are continually looking for ways of improving outcomes for all children – whether that be with academic support or pastoral care – we go the extra mile.  We are a solution –focused school with a committed staff.

To help us achieve this, the school has developed a set of characters which we call our Hayward’s Heroes.  They stand for our core values and underpin everything that we do in school.  The children understand and believe in what these characters represent and they are an integral of school life shaping how things are organised.


Let us introduce our Heroes:



Stands up for Maturity.

He says: ‘Trust is something which is earned!’

Remember: We all have the right to be treated fairly, but we have the responsibility to be trustworthy.


Stands up for Perseverance.

He says: ‘Never give up!’

Remember: We all have the right to ask for help when we need it, but we have the responsibility to work hard and do our best.


Stands up for Respect.

She says: ‘Treat others as you would like to be treated!’

Remember: We all have the right to feel safe, but we have the responsibility to look after each other.


Stands up for Honesty.

She says: ‘Stand up for what’s right!’

Remember: We all have the right to be heard, but we have the responsibility to speak the truth.


Stands up for Focus.

He says: ‘Take pride in what you do!’

Remember: We all have the right to engage in our learning, but we have the responsibility to let other people do the same.




Hayward’s children, staff and governors have all been involved in writing this statement of our ‘vision’, which explains the sort of school we want Hayward’s to be.


Striving for Excellence At Hayward’s Primary School we strive for excellence – wanting everyone in our community to be the best that they can be.
Learning for Life We educate our pupils to become effective lifelong learners and citizens, and to take responsibility for themselves in achieving these things throughout their lives.

We foster talent and know that gifts and skills can be developed across the curriculum – not just in the subjects we learn but also in the qualities we possess

Developing character We recognise that reaching our potential requires PERSEVERANCE, MATURITY, FOCUS and HONESTY.  We help each other develop and practice these things,

We are not isolated individuals but part of a community and belong to a place: We RESPECT ourselves, others and our environment

Sharing strong values These five character values form the basis our Hayward’s Code, which helps us to be a happy, safe, supportive community
Every individual matters We are inclusive, which means we welcome and celebrate every person who is part of our school community.
Finding positive solutions to challenges We all face different issues and challenges as we develop and learn.  We will always look for positive ways to overcome these challenges
Supporting each other All adults and children in the school community will support each other to succeed. We work with families and others to help overcome barriers to learning, enjoyment and fulfilment
Reaching our Goals This vision isn’t just theory – we will make it happen, because we believe that each individual has the capacity to succeed, and deserves to have the opportunity to reach their potential.

We want every Hayward’s child to reach the end of their time at the school being happy and confident about who they are, sharing a love of learning, and enjoying strong, supportive relationships with others.