Hayward's Primary School


Leadership Team

Headteacher –                                                     Mrs Emma Summerfield

Deputy Headteacher & SENDCO –                 Mrs Ruth Dixon

UKS2 Unit Leader and Maths lead –                Mr Mark Bailey

LKS2 Unit Leader and English lead –             Miss Naomi Partridge

FS Unit Leader and English lead –                 Mrs Emma Hockin

KS1 Unit Leader –                                             Mrs Ruth Dixon


Unit Classes Teachers Unit Leader
Early Years Foundation Stage 2 classes of Reception Mrs Emma Hockin & Mrs Catherine Clark

Mrs Ruth Dixon will also be teaching within this unit

Mrs Emma Hockin
KS1 2 classes of Year 1

2 classes of Year 2

Mrs Ann Smith & Mrs Lianne Johnson

Mrs Lynda Saunders & Mr Nick Hasted

Mrs Ruth Dixon
Lower KS2 2 classes of Year 3

1 class of Year 4

1 class of Yr4/5 mixed

Miss Naomi Partridge & Miss Sarah Prentice

Mr Scott Baker

Miss Hannah Venning

Mr Mark Bailey will also be teaching within this unit

Miss Naomi Partridge
Upper KS2 1 class of Year 5

2 classes of Year 6

Miss Laura Hayball

Miss Hannah Down & Mr Peter Gordon

Mr Mark Bailey
Mr David Bamber and Mrs Fiona Bailey will continue to teach PE and music respectively.