Hayward's Primary School

Election Day 2017


Today is Mock Election Day in Miss Down’s Class.

Five parties will be competing for your votes. Across the day the parties will publish their manifestos and canvass the local voters.

Our Press Team will provide you with updates throughout the day. Keep checking back for the latest news…


By The Press Team.

Coming three years early, the General Election is back in Britain. Hoping to hold their title, Future Ideas are back in the election but will they stay? Who do you think should win?

Blaze Party

Future Ideas


Plan A

New View

Vote today and don’t hesitate!

Transform started to produce campaign signs early on.

Plan A – out and about on the campaign trail.

Transform were out and about sharing their key election pledges.

New View meet with local voters.

New View speak to a local animal fan about their strong pledge to support animal welfare.

Future Ideas meet with a local Head Teacher to share their ideas.

New View are campaigning to help the environment by raising energy bills to promote less energy use.

Campaign publicity.


Polls are open – a steady flow of voters have been streaming in to cast their votes.

And – not to be out-done – our own class pet



Question Time – The Leaders’ Debate.

This afternoon Miss Down’s Class held a fantastic Leader’s Debate. Each party leader had an opportunity to put forward their party’s pledges and challenge the other leaders’ ideas.

A wide range of complex issues were discussed, in great detail with pupils demonstrating their mature, well-thought-out understanding.

Here were some of the fantastic quotes:

‘If you vote Transform – Britain will stand safely’

Defence ties in with policing’

We want to work towards create a model world’

Discrimination is a massive subject’

‘We want all young people to get on the right track for life’

‘We are different from all the other parties’

‘We think everyone should get a chance’

‘We are relying on the public’

‘Changing each day in the present and every day in the future’



  1. Here’s the latest from the Election:
    Transform are thinking about helping with security and better defences for prisons and against terrorists.

    Overheard from The Blaze Party: if they are voted in, their top priority is to help stop poverty by raising parents/carers minimal wage by £10!
    They also promise to help more with money to start young people off with their life with a house. Will that mean raising taxes?

  2. Our fabulous party will built up better defences to defeat Britain’s notorious villains, put armed guards around prisons. We will turn all criminals into outstanding citizens. Transform will make Britain a safer, more fun-filled country for everyone on the planet. Our ideas will revolutionise Britain… then the World!

  3. Future ideas say there top 5 things there`ll do will be: end discrimination; the police service will be improved; childcare; more money towards the NHS and higher level education.

  4. Blaze is our name and change is our game.Help make our country a better place by voting for us!

  5. New from the Press Team!

    Melissa from the transform team thinks her team is a hard working and can change things for the better. If they become the leader of our country they would help raise money to help poverty which could mean there would be a raise in taxes. Even if the Taxes come to a rise she thinks for this cause 10% of taxes should go towards this lovely charity event.

  6. An interview has taken place with Mr Baker and his thoughts on elections are that younger people should be able to vote for what they think about everything.

  7. Yet another interview has been taken place!

    Thoughts from Mrs Pike today are that this election has been brought rather early but either way she thinks a good government should help put more money towards all schools and the NHS.

  8. Mrs Whish today has given her thoughts to us and thinks what’s important is there should be more funding so kids can have more equipment for lessons to have a more fun time.

  9. Future Ideas’ interview Mr Hasted goes down well. They could be onto some thing. But how are they going to get the money?

  10. Here’s the latest from the Election:
    Future Ideas want to put an end to Discrimination and Poverty.
    Jess says, “discrimination Is a horrible thing to happen and it should be ended because no one deserves to be hurt or killed by others anger and by voting for Future Ideas, we will try our best to put an end violence.”

  11. Mrs Everitt thinks that our election is a very exiting time to make a good change for the better and thinks the strongest and most important things for her are good Education and Heath care.

  12. Ms Martin thinks better resources for classes is one of the strongest and most key things that should happen.

  13. Mrs Peachy agrees with one of New Views’ main policies: animal welfare. What does this mean? Another voter?

  14. Miss Hayball was interviewed by Plan A and agreed with all their Ideas. Another vote…could be?

  15. Mrs Dixon agrees with Future Ideas after a long hard think between New Views and Future Ideas. Another voter it could be?

  16. It’s all getting very busy here. Lots of campaigning going on with key ideas being shared.

  17. New View offer policies that will suit everyone and they believe in fairness for all beings.

    Plan A say, “we want to make sure that everything we say is done, e.g. Giving the NHS 1/4 of our tax money. Better policing, in more detail, giving 1/5 of our spare income money to go towards employing more police officers.
    Finally, they say that they will help with education and build more classrooms.

    Blaze are convinced that they have many voters for them, but is that the truth?

  18. posters are up, interviews are taking place, and the votes will happen in an hour… don’t waste your vote! who do you believe in?

  19. Tyler says from Transform” Vote for Transform because we are lowering the chances of a major attack and the chances of loosing your job. Vote us”

    As well as this Mrs Louise James had to say that” It`s good for the children to have freedom to vote and have an understanding of the requirement needed to run our country.” She agrees its going to be a good day.

  20. Leaders are being nominated and after lunch a debate will take place. Make your vote count.

  21. Plan A worked extremely hard to day especially on our quote ‘Everything we do is all for you’.

  22. New view are hoping to find more docters and nurses for the NHS to change the waiting list for operations to a shorter length.

    Now interviewing Tom from Future Ideas , he says they are going to make security better and when letting people into things like concerts and airports , they would check your things in safer and better ways. Also let everyone have a job even homeless people because not many people know that if you dont have an address you can’t get a job.

    Another thought by there group would make university cheepr to get into .

  23. Another member of Future ideas, Margot.
    She thinks there is all good and bad things in the world but she could help discimination go away, also back to lowering university prices she thinks it should stop anyone not experiencing it just because its a little pricey.
    They would do anything they possibly could to help us a happy country.

  24. We are hear now with Sophie from New View, she said they would try to prevent animal cruelty also help wih getting more medical help and equipment for hospitals. She said they would do anything they could to help.

  25. Interviewing Rubi from Plan A, she thinks by ending terrorism wih more police forces would really help to bring our country together once again.

  26. Today, I had the most brilliant day of my life [also] the best part was when we went around the school and got people to vote for us. But the most important part I liked was when I got to vote.

    Thanks miss down and every one else

  27. we had a election ass well in Mr B’s class we would all say about what we would do to the world. and we all got to then vote for any party and Corbin won the election. but sadly not the actual election $)

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