Hayward's Primary School

Y6 Election: The Final Result


The results are in; the ballot papers have been counted and the final results are in:


And the winning party is… Plan A!

Looks like Blaze will be their official opposition.

It is, however, a Hung Parliament (seems to be a trend here!).

Will Plan A form a coalition with one of the other parties to gain a majority Government?



  1. Excited for what happens next !!!!!

  2. yay I really wanted plan a to win

  3. How did you get so many votes it’s AMAZING!!!!!!!!

  4. Good Job PLAN A

  5. Its AMAZING! wow .Looks like Plan A won

  6. well done Plan A your amazing ( Blaze are down )

  7. Unlucky transform

  8. I love PLAN A Blaze were scamming people Don`t you think

  9. well don

  10. hi dan

  11. well done plan a. hope you would win !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Well done plan A looks like you smashed it but unlucky to the others.

  13. Well Done PLAN A

  14. HIP HIP HIP HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. hi y6’s you won!

  16. GOOD JOB

  17. Shocking!!!!!!!!! Blaze were black mailing people): glad I did not fall for that!!!!

  18. well done plan A

  19. I like your focus and mutury

  20. PLAN A have a good reputation

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