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We had an exciting visit from the Mobile Library Van last Tuesday.  The children in Year 2 were able to board the van in small groups where they met Jade from the School Library Service.

She showed them round the van and explained how the books were arranged. Everyone then chose two new books to add to our library – some even managed three if they really couldn’t decide what to leave behind!

Jade was very impressed with our keen young readers and their knowledge of books – they certainly know what they like!

After lunch the Year 6 Librarians were able to choose the rest (with Mrs Bryant sneaking in a few of her own choices too) until we had a pile of 200 books.  These have now been catalogued and are available in the library – on the shelves near the desk.

Some challenging reads for Years 5 and 6 are on the shelves near the computer desks, these will not be issued to younger children who can look forward to reading them when they are a bit older.

Now you can borrow and enjoy your choices of books and recommend them to your friends throughout the school.  Perhaps you could read one or two during our ‘Million Minutes’ Challenge.




  1. the new books must be exiting

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