Hayward's Primary School

Children in Need



Bravo ! Hayward’s Primary School you raised over £300! That’s a lot! Some of the school council have delivered all the money to Lloyds bank – it was Callum, Tom, Hannah and Josh.

Well done Hayward’s Primary School and thank you for taking part for children in need and every class got a diploma for raising the money raised. We made up some challenges for all the classes one was relays and after it was the  marshmallow challenge.

Another thank you for taking part in children in need

published by Josh S




  1. Fantastic job Hayward’s, very proud of the £397.88 you raised!

  2. Well done everyone we all raise a lot of money

  3. well done we raised quite a lot £300 very well done

  4. Well done every one who raised the money

  5. £397.88 is so so much money well done everyone.

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