We understand that choosing a school for your child the first time is an important decision.  We welcome visits  and offer various opportunities to come into school prior to submitting your admission request.  

If your child is starting school in Foundation stage (beginning of Reception Year):

We start the new school year in September, with our Foundation Stage staff making home visits and the children coming in part-time, building up to full time in the second week of term. We should point out that children are not required, by law, to attend school until they are five years old and as parents you have the right to delay school entry until they reach the statutory age.

When you are offered a place for September you have the following options:

  1. full-time admission to Reception;
  2. part-time admission to Reception up to the statutory school age;
  3. part-time attendance at a pre-school setting while deferring a place in Reception.

You may not take a part-time place in Reception AND a free part-time place in a pre-school setting. Neither can you take a free full-time place in a pre-school setting. You could arrange for additional pre-school hours but you would have to pay for them.

If you wish to defer admission, you must inform the headteacher. That place will be held open up to the start of the term after your child’s fifth birthday within that academic year and will not be offered to another child. If you do not let the headteacher know and your child does not start on the date offered, the place may be withdrawn and offered to another child.

In the term before starting school, your child’s reception teacher will visit you and your child at home if you wish. You will be given a Welcome Pack containing a range of information about the school and the build up to starting school. There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions and meet the teacher who will be responsible for various aspects of your child’s education or development. Hayward’s offers excellent provision for Early Years pupils. Our Early Years area comprises two lovely new classrooms leading into an indoor practical area and outdoor classroom.

If you are moving from another school:

If you are moving into the area and have children who are already of school age, all you have to do is contact Devon County Council Admissions on 0345 155 1019 as soon as possible. The LA admission procedures for Devon can be found at; .  

If you wish to apply to a school during the school year please fill out the following form

and send to:

Any children transferring to us from other schools should live within the designated catchment area for Hayward’s.  If you live outside our catchment area but would like your child to attend our school, we will always hold a conversation with your most local school. Any families moving out of the area may keep their children here if they so wish.

If your child has any special needs it is important for the school to be informed as early as possible in order for us to make appropriate arrangements.

The school has an admission number of 60 from September 2016 (this is the general maximum number of children admitted into each year group). In the event of there being more applicants than places available, the school adheres to the admission priorities set by Devon County Council.

Our admissions policy can be downloaded below