Ambassador Programme

Our Year 6 Ambassador Team for the 2023-2024 academic year. 


What is a School Ambassador?

The School Ambassador programme has three levels; bronze, silver and gold. 

To complete each level, you need to collect evidence of achieving or contributing to tasks from the Hayward’s Hero list. Examples are given of the type of work that can be completed for each Hero, although other evidence will be considered too. Examples could include signed statements from teachers, coaches or other relevant adults, certificates, pictures of you completing the task, examples of work or a personal statement from you. You can work on Heroes in an order of your choosing. 

Once you feel you have enough evidence to support two of the Heroes, you can present your portfolio of evidence to the Headteacher who will either approve the application or give it the status ‘not there yet’. If successful, you have your Bronze award and this will be celebrated in assembly, a record of your achievement made and you will receive the special Hayward’s Hero shield badge to show your status. You will also be entitled to weekly privileges and sit on the benches in assembly.

Once you have enough evidence in a further two Heroes you can apply for your Silver Award, again celebrated in assembly and further privileges will follow which are posted on the Reward Schedule on the notice board in the hall.

Finally, once you have completed all five heroes and the shield, you will achieve the Gold level. This will entitle you to the top privileges which will include additional sessions at Tanglewood or further afield, supporting with parent tours and acting as the 'Welcoming face of Hayward’s' for various events that take place across the year.

The various privileges for each level have been devised with the help of a Year 6 focus group and hopefully acknowledge the level of responsibility you have shown to earn that level.

As well as completing these challenges, it is also expected that Ambassadors exhibit a high standard of behaviour and this will also be taken into account. Being an Ambassador is a privilege, not a right. Consequently, children are not guaranteed progression through the levels or maintaining their status once it has been obtained.