It takes a great deal of courage to stand up in front of hundreds of people and speak about yourself. Year 4 pupil Ayisha displayed such bravery recently as she stood before her school friends in an ‘I Am Crediton’ assembly, happy to share details of her Muslim faith.

Dressed in clothes usually reserved for visits to the mosque, she explained that the head piece was called a hijab and the dress was called an abaya. 

Keen to tell the school community about her beliefs, Ayisha discussed what it means to be a Muslim.  When practicing her faith she goes to a school on Saturday mornings at the mosque in Exeter, where she learns to read Arabic. This both shocked and impressed her fellow pupils; they were very impressed at the level of Ayish's dedication to her faith, yet shocked as they realised that she also went to school on a Saturday!

We thank Ayisha so much for her bravery and time sharing her religion with us.