Beauty and the Beast

A fantastic way to finish the year. The children, under the expert guidance of Miss Down, pulled off a stunning performance of the Disney Classic 'Beauty and the Beast'. The show captivated the audience and brought in rave reviews; 

"Thank you for that amazing performance by Year 6 of Beauty and the Beast! We all enjoyed it very much and we’re really impressed by the costumes, staging and the way the children embraced their respective characters."

"I wanted to thank you for inviting us to ‘Beauty and the Beast’ yesterday evening, and to congratulate you and your colleagues on producing such a lovely show at the end of a school year. What a great way for the children to end their time at Hayward’s. We both loved all the energy, the whole-hearted singing and acting – their sense of enjoyment and commitment was so strong."

I can't wait to see what the Year 6 team have in stall for next year!