Catch the Niffler! - English Work SB Class

We used the scene from 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' by J.K. Rowling where Newt is trying to catch the Niffler. We have been working on including speech punctuation in our writing and using speech to show how a character is behaving. We tried different points of view. Here is some of our work.

As the greedy, mischievous Niffler gazed at me, he was stuffing his pockets full of gold. He escaped through the door. From the back of the room, a man shouted, "He Englishman, your egg is hatching." I zoomed over to him and teleported us to a new location which was in the bank's vault.

I saw the Niffler and charged at him before he could escape. I tipped him upside down and all of the shiny gold coins fell out of his pouch.

The alarm went off for some reason. I immediately teleported us out of the bank before and police showed up. "Alacabam!" I shouted and we escaped. Reece

As the Niffler rode past me, a man shouted, "Hey Englishman, I think your egg is hatching." I looked at him, then the Niffler. "OK let's go," I said to myself. I ran to the man. Then I made us teleport to a secret room.

My head popped up. I ran to the bottom of the stairs and the Niffler, the one that was on the trolley, crept into the bank vault. I shouted "Hey!" but the Niffler kept on going. 

All of a sudden, a man came as I was opening the bank vault. He came at the worst time ever. "Oh no," I remarked. "Oh yes, you guys are stealing from the bank," he replied. He hit the button. "Oh no!" I yelled. 

I cast a freezing spell on him. The owner of the bank's bodyguard came and was about to catch us but I teleported us out just in time. "Phew," I said relieved. "Yes, Phew," the man whispered. Isla

As I was riding on the trolley, Newt glanced at me so I covered the, soon to be my, golden coins. Suddenly, when I was going into the elevator, I saw this weird man with a weird thing above his lips. He got Newt's attention which gave me time to get away.

When I was going down in the elevator, I heard the weird man shout, "Hey, English guy, I think your egg is hatching!" to Newt. But I was at the vault now so I got out of the sturdy trolley. 

Walking slowly in joy, I saw Newt and the guy behind me so I slid into the vault to get all of the gold I could before they opened the door. I tried to run but he got me and help me upside down so he could empty  my filled pouch. I tried to fight back but Newt was to strong so I didn't get the money I wanted. Faith