Challenge Curriculum

Challenge Curriculum

At Hayward's, we teach the History and Geography objectives through our Challenge Curriculum!

                                                 Geography                                     History

Each unit plans the curriculum around a common theme called a 'Challenge Curriculum Block'. Different subjects are taught through this, with clear links in order to make the learning meaningful and relevant. We plan in two year blocks, enabling teachers to build on learning as the children move through a unit. Each year, there are opportunities for parents/carers to be part of the learning, whether that be through coming into school as part of an end-of-topic day, attending assemblies or learning together through take home tasks, etc.

Within each of these 'Challenge Curriculum' blocks, knowledge and skills/objectives are mapped to ensure that appropriate content is taught. On occasions, the whole school will work on the same challenge based outcome, with the skills and knowledge being taught appropriate for the age of the children. We have agreed on some key principles as part of a Challenge Curriculum Block.

1.      Curriculum themes should have real, purposeful outcomes and be of benefit to the pupils, school or wider community

2.      Curriculum planning will start with a "challenge" (eg: Can we turn our school into an art gallery? Can we be a healthier school?) and pupils will be actively engaged in breaking down that challenge into manageable steps

3.      The curriculum will be flexible enough to respond to the schools needs and major events in local community and the wider world

4.      It will enable to the systematic teaching of skills, taken from our Skills Progression grids. It will enable knowledge to be taught in an informed manner.

5.      It will be engaging and accessible to all children

6.      Curriculum themes will draw on expertise, resources and locations beyond the school gates

7.      Where appropriate English (reading and writing) will be planned into the topic to enable children to read and write for a real purpose and across curriculum areas.

Challenge Curriculum Topics at Hayward's (Two year rolling programme)

n.b. These topics are subject to change based on local, national and worldwide opportunities



Only One Me!

Terrific Tales 

Wriggle, Crawl, Fly

Let's Grow 

Ticket to Ride


In the EYFS it is impossible to plan more than a term, as the themes, topics and learning opportunities differ from cohort to cohort depending on the interests of the children.

YEAR 1 and YEAR 2

YEAR A A1: Toy Stories A2: Where in the World is Paddington Bear?

A3a: Take One Picture

A3b: Ticket to Ride


B1: We are United!

B2: Famous for more than five minutes
(including Sir Francis Drake in Tudor Times)

B3a Field Work!

What is the Geography of where I live?

B3b London's Burning


YEAR 3 and YEAR 4


A1:  Farming through the Ages

Comparing farming in the Stone Age to the Iron Age to the Modern Day

A2: What have the Romans ever done for us?

The Roman Empire and its impact on Britain

A Local History Study - Exeter

A3a: Take One Picture

A3b: Journey North 


B1: Journey to the Jurassic Coast 

B2: What’s the point in learning about the Ancient Greeks?

Ancient Greece

B3a Water, Water Everywhere

B3b Field Work 


YEAR 5 and YEAR 6


A1: Arrivals and Departures

Britain’s settlement by Anglo-Saxons, Scots and Vikings

A2: Voyage to a new World





A3a: Take One Picture

A3b: Field Work





B1: How did WW2 affect life in Britain?

 British history beyond 1066


B2: How have we mapped the world?





B3 Hidden Worlds

Ancient Maya and Ancient Egyptians