Creative Settings Writing

We have been working on adding extra detail to our writing to help set the scene. This is part of our block on Little Evie in the Wild Wood by Jackie Morris.

To help us do this, we have been looking at expanding noun phrases, adding subordinate clauses, selecting verbs carefully and using prepositional phrases. Which skills can you see in the writing these children have produced?


As the dazzling sun penetrated her eyes, Little Evie found it hard to see. (MD)

In the deep, dark wood, when nothing stirred, Little Evie was watching a bird. (FC)

Little Evie was listening, in the mysterious shadows. (SB)

In patches of dappled, golden, shimmering sunlight, the beetles hurried out to gaze at Evie. The butterflies, colourful like kingfishers, tickled her fair face as they danced their evening dance.

Meanwhile, mellow leaves spirally tumbled, almost making a skirt with their extravagant colours. (MR)

Away from the frightening call of the fox, Little Evie hid behind the tree. (AD)

Hidden in the darkness of the forest, Little Evie spotted the Autumn-leaved orange fox. (SR)

Sneakily, Little Evie hid behind a tree, in the black shadows. (ZM)

While morning rose, she started to stumble, but kept joy in herself. (AB)

Anxiously, Evie slowly approached the wolf. (JH)

Behind an oak tree, in the shadows of the tree, Little Evie crouched. (GH)

Stood in the evening moonlight, Evie gazed at the stars. (CP)

Evie stood still, looking above herself, trying to catch up with an extravagant buzzard, which was flying across the bright sky like an aeroplane! (TA & IK Paired Work)

Evie held her ancient basket and came running down the muddy, wet path to the wild wood. (WD)

Little Evie held her sweet smelling basket as the shimmering water reflected the home baked jam tarts. (SR)