Descriptive Writing using similes, personification and expanded noun phrases.

Using these pictures, the children in our classes were writing descriptions which link to our story 'The Selfish Giant' by Oscar Wilde. Hopefully you like Lola's use of descriptive writing skills below.

The beautiful blossoms dangle off the twisted tree, as they watched others let go of their branches. They're finally getting to rest their arms and enjoying their life without having to hang off a small branch. As soon as the arms of the blossoms let go of the tree, every single bluebell would squeal with joy like a child when they get the best present ever for their birthday. The calm breeze blew happily at the lovely bluebells that flood the ground.

The small, snow covered bush stared at the looming tree above itself, as it tried its best to reach its leaves and roots up to finally be as tall as the others. But it grew not as high as its brothers and sisters, nor the great oak tree that looked over him all the time. The icy bridge looked like it could make you hands numb by just one touch.

From his house to the gate, the giant's big garden was covered with s thick blanket of frost and snow. The wind was hissing at the trees like a very angry snake wrapping itself around its prey. The pond looked like you could skate on it without falling through and meeting the icy water. The cold snow lined the top of the trees. The air was as freezing as Mount Everest.