Diary Introductions - SB Class

Today we wrote our introductions to our diaries. I was really impressed with the vocabulary choices, fronted adverbials and inclusion of subordinate clauses. Can you see these features in our writing?


Diary Introduction by MB

Dear Diary,

I had one of the best days ever today! I rolled out of bed like a worm getting out of a hole. As soon as I could, I disdainfully threw my clothes on and rushed downstairs for my tasty pancakes (that my Mum made that morning). Finally, I rushed to school for the bus to Pixies’ Holt.


Diary Introduction by MD

Dear Diary,

I had the most thrilling day ever today!

This morning, the sun was coming through the window. I put my school clothes on and ran down the stairs for my breakfast, it was delicious.


Diary Introduction by FC

Dear Diary,

I had the most joyful day ever today!

This morning, I got out of bed and stopped to listen to the birds chirp. Then, I ran downstairs for breakfast (it was waffles).

After my waffles, I went back upstairs to get ready for school. I went down to school on my scooter. I was excited for what was ahead.


Diary Introduction by EZ

Dear Diary,

Today I had the BEST day ever!

At dawn, I woke up to the daylight shining through my curtain. I was a little bit nervous but mum stated “It will be alright!”

At 8 O’clock, I got ready for school and I felt really excited!. I could smell a delicious breakfast of toast with honey on (my favourite). My family and I eventually got to school. With a kiss on my soft cheek, I was on my adventure.


Diary Introduction by AD

Dear Diary,

I had the most amazing day today! I woke up, overjoyed. The day I’d been waiting for had finally come. I zoomed down the ancient stairs. I gobbled down a flavoursome breakfast and I felt impatient. I darted up the stairs and finished getting ready for Pixie’s Holt. What will it be like?

I delicately ambled to school with my wonderful suitcase. When I arrived at school, Mrs West did the register.

Soon enough, we were on the extraordinary bus. I was extremely excited. I sat next to Erin.