English - Describing Characters

We have be using the story of Matilda by Roald Dahl and wrote our own descriptions of the characters. We really enjoyed describing Miss Truchbull. Here is some of our work below:


Standing at the top of the steps, the disgraceful, pig-like principle glared down at the horrified children. Her towering, muscular body loomed over them. Miss Trunchbull was a merciless, cruel woman. The despicable lady was as buff as a bull. Her filthy face was as large as a balloon. She was the most horrifying headteacher in the land of headteachers and she hated children. Miss Truchbull had a whip in her hands and started to run towards the petrified children. The horrible woman gazed at all the other children, like she was a tiger about to pounce.  By Ben


Looming over the children, holding a very old horse whip, was a cruel, menacing Principle called Miss Trunchbull. Nobody wanted to mess with her because if they did, she would pick them up as if they were swings and throw them across the whole school! Miss Trunchbull had to be cruel to someone so even if you didn't do anything wrong, she always did it to someone.  By Tamzin


Miss Honey was nothing like the horrible Miss Trunchbull because she was a lovely, supportive teacher. Whenever the sweet children needed help, Miss Honey was always there for them. Her gentle voice was calming and peaceful. She hated when Miss Trunchbull was nasty to the innocent children because she loved children who wanted to learn brand new things so they can do anything. Miss Honey always respected the children in her class and always comforted them and read them stories. Her heart-warming smile quietly said, "What is 2x4?"  By Chloe