Forest School

Explore the adventurous, yet chilled, nature-based environment which is…Tanglewood! Nestled in the enchanted, tree-enclosed corner of the wonderful Hayward’s field, an atmosphere of safety and curiosity welcomes all children of Hayward’s and encourages them to grow and learn.

Mother nature awaits you with a variety of trees, plants and animals including our resident hedgehog! Observe the magical surroundings while practising cool survival skills and creative challenges. Build fires, shelters and make crafts. If you like playing games…you can play thrilling games with handmade hoops, beanbags and even a parachute. Two lovely people look after forest school, they are Miss Crone and Mrs Hext. They will welcome you at the end of your session, so you can immerse yourself into the cosy, warm roundhouse with the fire crackling in front of you.

Tickle you taste buds and devour delicious homemade food made in front of your own eyes including: Fluffy soft marshmellows, which are mouth watering, pancakes, fresh onion bhajis, pitta pizzas and more. Wash it all down with: apple cider, elderflower squash, nettle tea or scrumptious hot chocolate warmed over the fire.

Before you go, a few things to remember:

Be prepared to get smoky and dirty at forest school. You will need…

Spare shoes, scruffy old clothes which can get smoky and things suitable for the weather at the time, especially a coat if it might rain.

We look forward to welcoming you soon at Tanglewood.

Don’t forget, be prepared!

Written by Mr Baker's Bubble