Hayward’s Heroes

The Hayward’s Code and Hayward’s Heroes

Our five ‘Hayward’s Heroes’ are child-friendly representations of our values and ethos. Each one stands for an area of the ‘Hayward’s Code’, which is the cultural and value system (written by Hayward’s children, staff and governors) that we explicitly teach our children so they can become more successful learners. 


stands up for Maturity.

He says: 'Make Good Choices

Remember: We all have the right to be treated fairly, but we have the responsibility to be trustworthy.


stands up for Perseverance.

He says: Never give up!’

Remember: We all have the right to ask for help when we need it, but we have the responsibility to work hard and do our best.


stands up for Respect.

She says: ‘Treat others as you would like to be treated!’

Remember: We all have the right to feel safe, but we have the responsibility to look  after each other.


stands up for Honesty.

She says: Stand up for what’s right!’

Remember: We all have the right to be heard, but we have the responsibility to speak the truth.


stands up for Focus.

He says: Take pride in what you do!’ Remember: We all have the right to engage in our learning, but we have the responsibility to let other people do the same.


Our Hayward’s Code

These are the key principles that underpin our work with the children.

Learning for life

We foster talent and know that gifts and skills can be developed across the curriculum – not just in the subjects we learn but also in the qualities we possess

Supporting each other

All adults and children in the school community support each other to succeed. We work with families and others to help overcome barriers to learning, enjoyment and fulfilment.

Striving for excellence

We want everyone in our community to be the best they can be. We recognise that reaching our potential requires PERSEVERANCE, MATURITY, FOCUS and HONESTY. We help each other develop and practise these things.

Finding positive solutions to challenges

We all face different issues and challenges as we develop and learn. We will always look for positive ways to overcome these challenges.

Developing character

We are not isolated individuals but part of a community and belong to a place: We RESPECT ourselves, others and our environment.

Every individual matters

We are inclusive and welcoming, and celebrate everybody who is part of our school community.

Sharing strong values

By the time they leave Hayward’s, we want our children to be happy and confident about who they are, sharing a love of learning, and enjoying strong, supportive relationships with others.