Hungry Little Minds

Improving early communication, language and literacy development is a key priority for the government and a cornerstone of building a country that works for everyone. In July 2019 The Department for Education launched a campaign called Hungry Little Minds. The campaign encourages parents and carers to engage in stimulating activities in the early stages to boost their children's communication, language and literacy skills.

Children soak up every little bit of stimulation you can give them. It’s all the little things that make a big difference with the development of their speech and understanding of words. Everyday moments can be used to boost your child’s learning, and they are interested in all sorts of things. 

Vocabulary development, communication, language and literacy skills are huge areas of focus for us here at Hayward's and this campaign supports you at home to have a positive impact on these vital areas of learning and development for your reception children and your younger children. 

The link below will take you to the Hungry Little Minds government page and from there you can access for free a range of activities from birth to 5 years and supportive videos surrounding children's communication, language and literacy skills. It also suggests apps which will help children's communication, language and literacy skills too. 

We hope you will take the time to have a look at it and that you find it useful for you and your family.

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