Improving our descriptive sentences - Little Evie

After working on improving our sentences, here is the work Finlay produced. We hope you enjoy reading it.


Stepping out of the tatty, cramped cottage, Little Evie began on her adventure. Evie went skipping to the woods and the bright, boiling sun rose so it would light her way. Suddenly, there was a great howls deep in the wild wood which lowered her determination. The wolf suddenly came into view and it put Evie off. It made her shake with fear because it was a wolf’s howl. It came closer but to Evie’s surprise it took her back to its cave and they shared some huge, scrumptious tarts. Evie clambered onto the muscular, fluffy wolf’s bck because she wanted to go home. While she was on the wolf’s back, she stroked the smooth fur. Evie spotted her loving Grandma’s house and before Evie knew it, she was fast asleep.

By Finlay