Letters of advice from Harry

We have been writing letters from Harry Potter to a friend to help them reach the library to find a special book. We have been trying to include subordinating conjunctions and vary our sentences to include simple, compound and complex sentence. Can you see them in this piece by Lexi?

Dear friend,

I’ve heard that you want to get into the library tonight. This letter should help you succeed in getting there. This is something I’ve already done so I can offer you some of my equipment. If you follow the instructions and tips, you will hopefully get to your destination. Although it will be tricky, try and get to the restricted area without being seen by the caretaker.

First, you will need the equipment. You will need to get the invisibility cloak and the rusted lantern. Because there is nowhere to put the equipment, I had to put it in a yellow bag, outside the door that you will need to go through to start your journey. The cloak might be a bit big but it is better than getting caught. You might not be able to see the bag because it will be against a yellow wall. The lantern is on a wooden, bright orange table next to the bag.

Creep down the curled stairs without making a noise. The third step down is squeaky, so skip it. Once you have made it down the stairs, turn right and tiptoe down the hall. After you have done that, you will need to take a left turn and hold on tightly when you go over the suspension bridge. Then go through The Dark Arts carefully and head towards the rusted door.Go through the door and there will be another door in front of you. Once you have gone through the doors, jump on the wall on the right.

Before entering the library, check to make sure no-one is behind you. If no-one is behind you, you can leap over the wall. That will leave you on some stairs. Go down the stairs. You will end up in the Central Tower. Leap over the wall on the right and then you will have made it. 

If you follow the steps above and keep yourself concealed by the invisibility cloak at all times, you will reach the restricted area successfully.

Good Luck!