Little Evie - With a twist!

After enjoying the story of Little Evie in the woods, we adapted our writing to follow the style but make the writing our own.

Here is Charlie's work. Can you see all of his brilliant vocabulary and efforts to use short sentences to add excitement and tension? His work is beautifully presented too!

As Evie skipped out of her cottage, the sunlight shined on her warm face. She hopped across the rocks and leapt over the rivers until she entered the peaceful forest. She saw the wild deer drinking and the rabbits dashing past her. She glanced at a colossal, dark cave made of coal. As Evie got closer to it, she peeked inside the unusually red-hot cave. A burst of flames came out of a hole in the middle of it. At the same time, Evie heard a roar. A dragon glided up above her, although she didn't notice. She saw a huge shadow! It loomed above her! Evie looked up! He saw it! It landed! "Hi," Evie whispered nervously. The dragon took a step closer.