Magic Box Poems

I our home learning this week, we have been writing some poetry based on the poem ‘The Magic Box’ by Kit Wright. It allowed us to be creative and practise skills like expanded noun phrases, alliterations and similes. We hope you enjoy the selected few on here as much as we did:

Jamie's Poem

I will put in the box the dazzling feather of a Phoenix 

A colossal body of a yeti

The wand of a magic fairy

The enchanted blood of a unicorn

A flame of an exquisite dragon


I will put in the box thunder crackling in the sky

A soft snowflake floating down

A threatening shark surrounding an island

A deadly volcano shooting lava everywhere

A rainbow so bright it blinds you

A vast waterfall dropping from an incredible height

A river so fast a cheetah can’t catch up with it.


I will put in the box tears of joy from a new born baby

The last smile of the last dinosaur

The first joke anyone has ever told

The fire from a sneezing dragon

The laughter of my friend

The love between two people.


My box is made of enchanted diamonds and decorated with blocks of gold

And for keeping secrets safe, a fingerprint lock!


In my box I can skate at the skate park

And have water fights too

Even climb up mountains, surf at the beach and bungee jump off clouds


Rhianna's Poem:

I will put in my box                                       

A magnificent oak leaf from a loominous talking tree,

A fungus-infested  toenail from a nasty, devilish goblin,

A  blood-coated backbone of a  fearsome werewolf.


 I will put in my box 

A toadstool from the depths of a wild and exotic forest,

A myriad of colours from a bright, infinite rainbow falls,

The striped skin from a mysterious gaboon viper.


 I will put in my box

A stupid laugh from a distant cousin,  

A   lame joke from a  sarcastic mum,

A last tear from a elderly gran’s face.


 I will put in my box                                 

A dark shadow from a monstrous creature,

A strange grey squirrel with a furious attitude,

The peculiar scratch marks on an old tree trunk from an untamed beast.