Modern Foreign Languages

At Hayward's we have made the decision to teach Spanish. Having worked with both Spanish and French for a short period of time, we sought the views of the children and based on their feedback we have selected this as the language they will study in Key Stage 2. 


  • We want our children to develop an interest in learning other languages and understand the importance and power of communication. 

  • We want children to know that even basic vocabulary knowledge in another language can break down communication barriers. 

  • We want children at Hayward’s to be able to communicate in another language for practical purposes, being able to understand and respond to its speakers. 

  • We want our children to look beyond Crediton and the United Kingdom, and develop a respectful attitude by exposing them to other languages and cultures.

  • We want our children to express their ideas and thoughts in another language, and understand and respond to spoken and written language.

  • We want children at Hayward’s to speak in a second language with increasing confidence and fluency, improving the accuracy of their pronunciation and intonation.

  • We want to provide our children with the foundation for learning further languages at KS3 and beyond.