Our Commitment

We want a child at our school to experience:

  • Being engaged with their learning and excited about coming to school.
  • Having space where they are able to talk about worries and concerns that they may have.
  • Having access to nurturing staff.
  • Spending their days with adults who are interested in them and committed to making a positive difference.
  • Opportunities for learning new things.
  • Being given an interesting and varied curriculum.
  • Having ‘real’ learning opportunities.
  • Feeling safe, with consistent boundaries.
  • Being challenged in their learning.
  • Being given the opportunity to experience failure and at the same time learn how to deal with this effectively.
  • Having successful, inclusive friendships.
  • Recognising that they are unique and an individual – “It’s okay to be me!”
  • Feeling that they belong to a caring school community.
  • Having a voice and helping direct how our school moves forward.
  • Being supported in achieving their absolute potential.


We want a parent at our school to experience:

  • Adults in school taking a sensitive approach to discussing any concerns.
  • Feeling that they can be an active part of the community.
  • Good communication, with notice of what is coming.
  • Help in being a key part of their children’s learning.
  • Knowing their children are safe in all areas of the school.
  • The knowledge that their children are being challenged to achieve their potential.
  • Feeling welcome, supported and comfortable approaching all members of staff.
  • The feeling that any concerns are taken seriously.
  • The knowledge that adults in school see their children as individuals
  • Understanding and support with their children’s social and emotional development.