Our Selfish Giant Story Openers

We used the story of 'The Selfish Giant' by Oscar Wilde and tried to make the story our  own using skills we have been working on. Here are a few examples:

Way before electronics were made, there lived an old, ugly, rude and selfish giant who had big cheese smelling feet. He had a really big castle. Every time the sunset bounced off the ripples of the sea, four children would dart into the giant’s castle. These four children didn’t know what they were doing, therefore they didn’t know that they were crossing the selfish giant's land.

They sat next to a blossoming tree which twisted in age over the pearl white leaves. The bluebells led to a path to the diamond pond in the far corner of the garden. The soft green grass stretched up as the sunset closed down on the tree. 

By Thomas

Two hundred and seventy-five years ago, a tactless, misunderstood giant lived in a castle that was built on the final resting place of his grandfather which had moss crawling on his tomb. Every time he went to get some bread, he’d complain about the bread and ask for a refund. He was a menace to society.

By Finn