Our Staff

Leadership Team

Headteacher Mr Andy Smith
Assistant Headteacher - Teaching and Learning  Mrs Kat Seller 
Assistant Headteacher - Inclusion, Safeguarding Lead and SENDCo  Mrs Clare Bedford
EYFS Unit Leader Mrs Emma Hockin
School Business Manager Mrs  Kirsty Brett

Teachers and Unit Leaders




Unit Leader

Early Years Foundation Stage

2 classes of Reception

Mrs Emma Hockin, Mrs Melissa Sweetman, Miss Leat and Mrs Bridget Merrett

Mrs Emma Hockin

Key Stage One

2 classes of Year 1

2 classes of Year 2


Mrs Pennie Coren & Mrs Lynda Saunders


Mrs Katie Gavin & Miss Hannah Venning

Mrs Lynda Saunders

Lower Key Stage Two

2 classes of Year 3

2 Classes of Year 4


Miss Becky Phillips & Mrs Michelle Greedy

Mr Scott Baker & Miss Jo Truran

Miss Jo Truran 

Upper Key Stage Two

2 Classes of Year 5

2 classes of Year 6


Miss Hollie Fleming & Mr Peter Gordon

Miss Hannah Down & Miss Sam Tutton 

Mr Peter Gordon

Mrs Suzie Yates (Higher Level Teaching Assistant) will be teaching Music across the school on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Mrs Heather Little teaches PE across the school on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday morning, she carries out her PE leadership responsibilities. 

Teaching Assistants

Early Years Foundation Stage

Bridget Merrett

Emma Ashley

Amy McDonald

Donna Kingdon

Belinda Brookes 

Carly Banbury (Apprentice)

Key Stage One

Carole Maher (HLTA)

Heather Sims

Julie Sims

Kelly Pearce 

Anouska McLauchlan

Tegan Dohoo

Emma Bolt

Jade Stoyle

Charlotte Heywood

Izzie Spencer

Lower Key Stage Two

Deborah Bryant

Nic Martin

Michelle Poole

Donna Kingdom - Gunn (HLTA)

Angie Dwenger

Jeanette Thom

Upper Key Stage Two

Yvonne Crone

Jill Taylor (HLTA)

Emma Heard

Jacky Pike

Helen Batchelor  

Pastoral Teaching Assistants

Ruth Dixon (Early Years Foundation Stage and KS1)

Ben Geale (Lower KS2)

Ann Hext (Upper KS2)

Speech and Language Co-ordinator

Jeanette Thom

 Family Support Worker  Louise Raychell

Site Staff


Richard Gale

School Business Manager

Kirsty Brett

 GDPR Officer / Health and Safety

SchoolPro TLC Ltd (GDPR Support)

Overseen by Kirsty Brett and supported by Nicola Schofield

School Administrators

Jasmin Doumbia

Nicola Schofield

Vicky Whish

School Caretaker

Alan Dwenger

Caretaking Team

Alan Dwenger

Jo Cockram

Tegan Dohoo

Kitchen Staff

Nick Ashweek

Sharon May

Dawn Tucker

Tina Simpson

Meal Time Assistants

Jo Cockram

Jasmin Doumbia

Izzy Spencer

Kaye Vinnicombe

Verity Cope

Heather Sims

Donna Kingdom-Gunn

Yvonne Crone

Nic Martin

Tegan Dohoo

Emma Bolt

Charlotte Heywood 

Kira Ivans