A child’s reading diet will differ depending on the child’s attitude and aptitude. Across the curriculum, teachers will plan to develop children’s reading skills. 20-30 minutes of the school day, or 45-60 minutes every other day, will be dedicated directly to developing children’s enjoyment and ability in reading.

Our aim is for all children in Key Stage 1 to leave as confident readers through our rigorous approach but we also aim to develop children as life long readers. 

Our Library is a special place in our school, where children can enjoy selecting from our wide range of books. 

All classes have story time at the end of the day at least 3 x a week

Children enjoy a wide range of literature during English sessions

Children will read in groups, individually or 1:1

Accelerated Reader is used in Key Stage 2 which motivates and excites pupils

Reading Adventure in Key Stage 1

Author Visits

Reading Cafes

Special Guests







92% of children took a quiz last week

Reading at Home Expectations:

•In Upper Key Stage 2 a minimum of 30 minutes per evening (will generally be independent reading, although reading to an adult would be great)

•In Lower Key Stage 2 between 20 and 30 minutes per evening (will generally reading to an adult, bridging more into independent reading when comfortable)

•In Key Stage 1 between 10 and 20 minutes per evening (reading to an adult).

Make sure your child can tell you their ZPD if they are using AR - they should be selecting books within this range.

Reading –top tips for helping

•Give them time to self-correct –try to avoid telling the word but instead help them with the strategy to spell it (e.g. segmenting the words).

•Checking vocabulary understanding.

•If it works –modelling and sharing (one page each).