Science Week 2022

This year’s theme for British Science Week was growth. Across the school, children took part in exciting, practical activities linked to the theme. At the end of the week, children visited the gallery of work that they had created. This gave children the opportunity to engage in other classes’ investigations.


All children took part in a height investigation. They practiced their measuring and comparison skills by all visiting the school’s height chart and adding their picture to it.


EYFS Children planting sunflower seeds. They will observe the growth of these seeds over the next few weeks.


Key Stage 1 investigated how body parts grow. They measured and compared the length of their fingers.

Lower Key Stage 2 thought about how we grow food and where it comes from. Children researched where our food comes from using Chromebooks. Then they designed environmentally friendly burgers.


 Upper Key Stage 2 learned about fossils and microbes on Mars.