Short Dragon Stories

After reading the story of The Cobbler and the Dragon which explains how the city of Krakow got its name, we tried to write our own stories in the same style. Here are a couple of good examples:

A long, long time ago, a dragon called Night Stalker invaded a small town in England called Crediton. Before Night came to Crediton, the town was a peaceful little town but when the dragon came, chaos broke lose. Night Stalker killed people, ten to be exact. The Mayor of Crediton had enough and so he put a bounty on the dragon. Alas people tried to kill the dragon but failed. When the citizens of Crediton woke up to a dead Mayor, they truly had enough. A boy and hid friend asked if they could try. The new Mayor agreed as they were running out of options.

Finn and Jenson went home to make their brew made of flies eyes, spider legs and crocodile tails. They put them in their cauldron, then filled it with Holy water that wa purified ten times. After that, they lit the stove and mixed it with a massive spoon. Within twenty-four hours, the concoction was ready. Night Stalker would terrorise the citizens of Crediton no more.

By Finn

In a distant village, lived a horrible dragon called Sid the Tenth. In dragon language, ten means evil. At night, Sid the Tenth always comes to the village and gives people nightmares. He comes from the fire breed and lives in a mineshaft in a lair. There once was a boy called Bob who was a beast slayer. He had a mission to kill the nasty dragon Sid.

Bob's boss told him to attack at 1am. The only thing that Bob knew about Sid was that he loved to drink lava. Bob's boss came up with a plan to trick Sid with a poison lava trap. As soon as it was made, Bob set off to Sid's mineshaft to give him the trap.

Bob always travelled in an army submarine that can fly, go underwater and go on land. Sid lived in a lair in a mineshaft but on the other side of the world. Thankfully, Bob's sub could travel one mile per second.

When he got there, he slipped into the lair and threw the lava trap into its mouth. Just as he threw it, Sid got eliminated. After Bob had defeated Sid, he got a lobster award named after him and got a new nickname, Bob the Saviour.

By Evan