Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural Development (SMSC)

‘At Hayward’s we see Children’s social, moral, spiritual and cultural development (SMSC) as integral to everything we do. We believe in providing an education for which benefits the ‘whole child’ – recognising that SMSC and academic success are inseparable and that high-quality, early experiences, in these areas, lay the foundation for a truly happy and fulfilled life. We recognise that by prioritising these skills we are enhancing children’s ability to make positive life choices. As a school, we aspire to nurture the children in our care to grow up to be citizens who actively contribute, in a positive way, to their local, national and world-wide community as well as providing them with the resilience to meet, and the strength to overcome, the challenges of modern life.’

Hayward’s Primary School SMSC Statement of Intent

Our Reflection & Remembrance Garden created by our Y6 leavers - 2020

At Hayward’s we develop pupils’ spirituality through:

  • An RE curriculum which covers a wide range of religious, and non-religious belief sets and promotes respect for all.
  • Creative RE teaching which promotes times of self-reflection and encourages the development of key enquiry skills.
  • Offering a broad curriculum with a wide range of imaginative and creative experiences and opportunities.
  • Home learning which allows for diverse and inventive outcomes.
  • A policy of pupil self & peer-assessment and through directly involving pupils of all ages and abilities in decisions about their learning.
  • Assemblies led by staff, pupils and visitors.
  • Whole-school, collaborative RE & Art cross-curricular projects.

Connect & Reflect:

Connect and Reflect is the name we use for our times of collective worship in school. These short, reflective sessions are of a 'broadly Christian character' as set out in Government guidance but are designed to be inclusive of pupils of all faiths or none and are focused on key themes which link to our PSHE curriculum. Sessions often include the shared reading of a story and discussion.

Year Group Theme
EYFS Big Days
Year One Wildly Wonderful World
Year Two Movers, Shakers, Builders and Breakers
Year Three Fruits of the Spirit
Year Four Be Bold! Be Strong!
Year Five Are You My Neighbour?
Year Six Growing


At Hayward’s we develop pupils’ moral development through:

  • Staff acting as moral mentors.
  • Year Six School Ambassadors acting as role models to other pupils.
  • Assemblies on key themes and dilemmas.
  • Class texts chosen for their moral content & dilemmas e.g. studying Scott of the Antarctic at Year Six.
  • The clear, and consistent, implementation of school behaviour policy.
  • The Hayward’s Hero Values.
  • SRE teaching including specific teaching on concepts such as consent.
  • A restorative justice approach to behaviour management where possible.
  • A robust PSHE curriculum which is linked to both British & our Hayward’s Hero Values.
  • Caring for our school pets – showing compassion and development of responsibility.
  • RE lessons which tackle religious and non-religious views on morality and the ‘big moral questions’.
  • A Collective Worship programme of study – ‘Connect & Reflect’.
  • History & Geography teaching which tackles challenging content such The Holocaust and the consequences of early exploration.

At Hayward’s we develop pupils’ social awareness through:

  • Our ‘I am Crediton’ assemblies which allow them to find out about the community in which they live.
  • Participation in democratic systems such as our School, Eco & Sports Councils.
  • Our PSHE curriculum.
  • The application and presentation system which forms our School Ambassadors Scheme.
  • Meeting members of the community through opportunities such as visiting Hillbrow Residential Care Home or singing at our local supermarket.
  • Our Play Leader scheme.
  • Hero Teams & Days where pupils of all ages socialise and learn together.
  • Whole-school celebrations & awareness days.
  • Family SEAL where parents and pupils learn alongside one another.
  • Clubs & representing the school in a sporting competition or event.
  • Charity Fundraising
  • PTA events
  • Outdoor learning such as Forest School.
  • Visitors linked to curriculum outcomes – pupils have the opportunity to meet a range of people with different life experiences.
  • Our broad and varied Challenge Curriculum goals.
  • Pupil participation in musical performances & public speaking opportunities
  • Marking national events and memorials such as VE day and Royal occasions.
Staff wearing red for 'Red Card to Racism Day'.

At Hayward’s we develop pupils’ cultural awareness through:

  • Our robust and inclusive PSHE Curriculum.
  • Events which celebrate and educate around diversity e.g. Hero Days.
  • The planning of a curriculum which is purposefully diverse e.g. representative of all people by being inclusive of a diverse range of cultural backgrounds, genders and faiths.
  • Shared celebrations e.g. birthdays, academic achievements, school successes and national events.
  • Visits from Cultural Champions.
  • Our ‘I am Crediton’ assemblies & other visiting speakers.
  • Our varied Arts curriculum.
  • Remembrance & Holocaust events.
  • Our RE curriculum which explores cultural events such as festivals and rites of passage for people of all faiths and none.
  • ‘Heritage Stories’ e.g. stories which are of cultural importance.
  • Our programme of Collective Worship.
  • Visits from Parliament Education Services to better understand the Democratic process.
  • Participation in democratic systems such as our School, Eco & Sports Councils.