Hayward’s has a proud sporting tradition and it is something that we value greatly. As well as having a specialist PE teacher working in school, we provide opportunities throughout the week for the children to take on a variety of sports and after-school clubs. We work hard to find a sport that everyone can be successful in.


  • We want our children to become physically confident and to develop their self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement through their experiences in PE.

  • We want children to engage with physical activity on a daily basis and incorporate physical activity into their daily lives, now and into the future. We want our children to take this enjoyment and love of physical activity out of school and to develop their skills further (through after school clubs and community based activities).

  • We want children at Hayward’s  to learn the skills needed to enable them to play and take part in a variety of sports and physical activities and perform to an increasingly good standard. We want them to understand the importance of physical activity and how it can support their health, fitness and mental wellbeing.

  • We want children at Hayward’s to have opportunities to compete in sport events, helping them build character and to embed the key values of our Hayward’s Heroes.

  • We want children at Hayward’s to develop confidence in their abilities, appreciating their own and others’ strengths and weaknesses in PE. We want children to be supportive of each other and act as peer-coaches to one another.

  • We want our children to learn how to collaborate and co-operate with others as part of a team. We want them to develop an understanding of fairness and equity of play which will benefit them greatly as they engage in sporting activity now and in the future. 

  • We want our children to develop resilience through a range of sporting activities and to approach their learning with a positive growth mind-set.

  • We want our children in Hayward’s to experience leadership within their lessons and be confident in leading activities in school. We want our children to be part of a strong 'Sports Council' which has a positive impact across the school.

  • We want our children to gain confidence from performing to audiences in dance and gymnastics and competing in sport for their class or their school.

  • We want to support our children in acquiring a rich vocabulary through discussion about sporting performance. We want them to use this vocabulary to accurately identify features of strength/areas for development in their own performance and the performance of others.


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