Tackling Health Tag Rugby Festival

To wrap up Tackling Health programme with the Exeter Chiefs, we hosted a festival at Hayward's in which Years 3,4,5 and 6 played games against each other. Bonus points were awarded for the core values of sportsmanship, respect, discipline, teamwork and enjoyment and there were many of these awarded by the end of the day, proving what wonderful athletes we have.

We have been really impressed with the provision from the Exeter Chiefs in our school. Not only have they provided excellent content which covers our Physical and Health Education curriculums, but their delivery was professional, nurturing, inclusive and enthusiastic. 

There was always a 'buzz' around school on the days the coaches were in which motivated our harder to reach children and inspired our more aspirational children. A huge thanks to them and their sponsors for making this happen, and we look forward to their return!