The C Team by Simon

One school day, Simon woke up and got dressed. Once he got downstairs, he realised all his family had turned into yetis!


Once he got outside, he found out everyone had turned into fluffy, ugly, stinky, clumsy yetis. Even the Mayor!


After school, he was walking to Tyler’s house and to his relief he wasn’t a yeti either. Simon asked, “Do you want to go to the park?” Tyler (Captain Splats) replied with a nod. (Just to tell you, Simon is actually the amazing Captain Nerd!) On the way they noticed a strange house with a weird machine.


The changed into their super hero forms and crashed through the window. There was the evil sludge monster!


“Aah!” the monster exclaimed, “The C Team!”

“We noticed the weird machine had something to do with the yetis!” replied Captain Nerd.

“Why yes I did it and I can control them,” shouted the sludge monster, “Attack!”

The yetis crashed through the door but the C Team beat them back and with the last of their strength, they destroyed the machine.


The End