The Selfish Gaint - Descriptive Writing Y4SB

Here are some of our pieces of descriptive writing linked to our story 'The Self Giant' by Oscar Wilde. Some are written in the first person as a child or giant and the others are in the third person. We tried to make our writing descriptive.

Can you see our examples of expanded noun phrases, similes and personification?


The garden was beautiful. The trees were lined with cherry blossoms and the soft green grass was barely visible. We would stop our games to listen to the sweet music when the birds sung. We would be as quiet as a cloud blowing away. Mya

"What are you doing in my garden?" The unkind, selfish giant exclaimed. We were in the fluffy rose flowerbed. I froze in horror. Kylie was scared so we ran as far as we could. Now everyday, we have to stroll in the wet, muddy streets of Exeter. It was never going to be the same again. Chloe

The day was as hot as the sun itself and the pearl blossoms looked over the blooming violet petals of the delicate flowers. As soon as I got there, I boomed, "Get out of my garden!" and they all ran off.

When the intruders had gone, my entire garden got covered with a thick blanket of powdery snow. I was wondering when Spring would come but it never did come so my garden was Winter for a long time. All the once blossoming trees were covered with icicles as clear as windows. All the birds had disappeared from the twelve peach trees and they were as white as clouds themselves. I put up a huge wall to keep the rascals out. Finlay

I wake up to beautiful singing.I jump out of bed to a wonderful sight. My garden was flowering with blossom. The frost and ice had disappeared. Spring had finally sprung! But one thing I just noticed is that in every tree sat a little child. I think to myself how selfish I've been, but in one corner stood a tiny boy crying. The tree that was towering over him was covered in snow. Elliott