Treehouse Descriptions

We have been thinking that a treehouse would be nicer for Mr Stink to live in than a shed. We used the 13th Storey Treehouse book as inspiration and began writing descriptions of a treehouse for Mr Stink to live in. Some of our best sentences are below.

Lola - A vast treehouse stood amongst the thin, tall branches of the sturdy trees. On the outside it looked like a wonderful playground up in the trees, but actually it was a nature friendly home for people who like fresh air more than TV. A thin bridge was connecting a small house to an even smaller house in the treetops.

Noah - Resting in the tall pine trees was a wooden treehouse. The treehouse was camouflaged into the tall pine trees because it was made out of them.

Lucy - In the middle of the forest was a large treehouse that had a million stairs. It had some crunchy leaves that were like a crumbly packet of crisps crunching away. Looking out from the window, were loads of trees waving in the wind.

Poppy - On a tree stood a spectacular twisted treehouse. Among the lights were some flowers and below the flowers was a mirror. It was so shiny.

Lily - Branches and twigs engulfed the treehouse and they had been manipulated to form an unstable swirly staircase.

Okan - The old, grand treehouse was among the old wrecked trees. It was very risky.The branches and twigs engulfed the treehouse and they had been manipulated to form an unstable swirly staircase.

Faith - Stood amongst a sea of rustic, old trees was a vast treehouse. It was hard to see because it was made of the oldest trees from the forest. It stood on a pile of crunchy old leaves. It was tangled in leaves and vines.

Isla - Beyond the trees that had fallen down there was a rustic treehouse that had stood in the sea of dark trees for years. Everything was silent when you stepped in the ancient forest. The leaves crunched under your feet like crisps. Every time I stepped closer to the old, crooked treehouse it rose and rose until it engulfed the forest. It was like a tree but bigger than an oak tree. 

Inside the rustic shelter there was a master bedroom that had ten trays of sausages, a tank of man-eating sharks and a dog room. All of a sudden, there was a smell that makes your nose wrinkle. A man came out in posh clothes. He was Mr Stink.