Where my wellies take me - Sandford!

On a gloriously sunny Wednesday, Year 4 went for a walk to Sandford, along the Millennium path.

Once we checked we had our supplies (including lunch), we departed the school on our next adventure.

Trekking up the mighty Jockey Hill, we showed great determination to reach the summit. Having reach the peak, we had a well earned rest and the chance to attune to the nature around us. We completed sound maps and enjoyed the peace of the woodland.

Continuing our journey, we ambled by the fields, enjoying the journey and chatting to our friends. To our surprise, we also spotted an old well. This we were informed by Miss Crone, belonged to a long disappeared toll house, which stood by the well.

Noticing our destination in view, we continued our journey and arrived at The Green. Here we explored the nature, made notes for our future poetry writing and enjoyed our provisions.

With the passing of time,  we had to depart for school. We hiked back to school, tired but accomplished.

Thanks to all the people who made this possible, especially those who covered duties to free up the adults to allow us to have enough to go.