Year 3

Welcome to the home of Year 3, taught by Mr Gordon and Miss Fleming.

We believe that EVERY child in our class is capable of so much more than they can imagine, and it is our role to give them the opportunities and skills to do this.

A Note from the Team

Over the last couple of weeks it’s been wonderful to see so many parents & carers in school supporting the children with our Family Together Time. The recent reading time was very well attended and we all enjoyed sharing a range books with the children. Our map work afternoon was also very successful with parents being taken back to their school days with quizzes and challenges linked to the topic of mapping. Being in the classroom is a great way for the children to share their work and impress you with the level of knowledge and understanding they have!  It’s really valuable for the children to see learning as a shared experience between adults and themselves.  We have a selection of photos displayed across school celebrating our Together Time. 

Lower key stage two staff would also like to thank the children and families for the time, work and effort they have put in to the new Pick ’n’ Mix style of homework sent out at the start of the term.  We have definitely seen an increase in homework being completed. The different styles of exploring, investigating and recording the range of tasks have been brilliant. The children are benefiting and enjoying sharing their work with each other and partner classes. There is definitely a buzz and sense of fulfilment and excitement from the children.